StarDyne LogoDiamond Municipal Solutions is owned by StarDyne Technologies. StarDyne is a technology company focused primarily on the local government and education areas of the public sector, providing strategic leadership with a long-term investment perspective to support our companies.

The management team at StarDyne is comprised of an experienced team of business leaders who bring a broad perspective to the marketplace. The team strives to build on the core competencies of each group company and hold each company accountable to challenging goals. StarDyne understands that success is built on long-term relationships with customers and is committed to maintaining them.


  • Believes that business relationships and partnerships are founded on trust, integrity and fair treatment
  • Works with Group Company management teams to establish long-term growth strategies that focus on customer needs
  • Believes in ensuring the customer's investment in technology is protected through advances in technology

Core values:

  • Dedication to satisfying our customers
  • Fair, dignified, respectful treatment of all our employees
  • The operation of our business in a responsible and ethical manner, including honesty, integrity and confidentiality
  • Dedication to continuous improvement


These values are the foundation of the StarDyne Triple Bottom Line; Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, and Financial Satisfaction.