Everyone claims they provide great service

How do you know if they actually do? Some provide good service for the first few months, then things fall off. In our case, we suggest you talk to our customers if you’re considering Diamond. We’ve included some comments from a few of them on the website but we are happy to pass on information so you can speak with them directly. That’s the best way.

Monitor, measure & refine. We also believe in measuring our performance and looking at ways to improve what we do ongoing. Annual client satisfaction surveys, post-implementation surveys and ongoing check-ins from senior support and training staff ensure that we are constantly improving, meeting our clients’ needs and providing the best possible service and support. We feel that a well-thought out approach for measurement and improvement will always keep us on track and keep you happy. Best practices always produce best results. Simple as that.

A focused approach. At Diamond we believe that focusing teams on what they do best maximizes value for our clients. That’s why services are divided into two high performing, specialized teams. Our Professional Services team focuses on the needs of all new clients, ensuring a smooth implementation and best practice adoption right from the start. Once clients have been using the solutions for a period of time and the transition is well in-hand, Diamond’s Client Services team takes over and becomes the main point of contact moving forward. Both groups work very closely with each other and each client to ensure maximum coverage and a seamless move. 


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We start every project with a dedicated team of professionals focused solely on the needs of a new client. Our Professional Services team manages implementation and training for all new Diamond clients.

The Client Services team provides a natural transition into Diamond's support mechanisms so that there is a clear understanding of engagement protocols, online customer support options and escalation procedures.