Community Development

Why do hundreds of local governments rely on Diamond to supply municipal automation solutions? The reasons are diverse. For many, it’s because the solution has years of proven and reliable performance and a long-term product roadmap. For others, they know that it meets their specific local government needs within their province. Others note Diamond’s unique relationship with Microsoft and Dynamics GP which means continual introduction of leading innovations, long term solution support for and with Microsoft infrastructure and unparalleled integration to Microsoft Office.

Creates insight and make smarter decisions. From built-in reports to sophisticated data analysis and reporting tools, Diamond Municipal Solutions gives everyone in an organization access to the information most relevant to their roles using the Microsoft Office tools they know so well. This can lead to cost savings, strategic decision making, and informed, empowered people from the council chambers to the public works yard.

Increasing efficiency.  Diamond Municipal Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics GP look like, and work very well with, Microsoft applications people already know and use today. Cross-training of job roles and introducing new employees to the system occurs naturally and with rapid adoption.  Whether serving the public or working with co-workers, the system ease of use, smart reporting tools and rapid inquiry gives your employees the exact information and tools they need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

Leading Innovation. Whether it is Microsoft Office integration, compatibility with the latest Microsoft desktops, servers and databases or new web and cloud based computing, you can count on Diamond Municipal Solutions through our unique partnership with Microsoft to bring these innovations to local governments now and in the future.


Business Licensing


Exceptionally easy to use, the Diamond Business Licensing allows for tracking, processing and collection of all types of business licenses. Use a single navigation window to control the entire billing process.  Unlimited user-defined license fees, flexible fee schedules and types, and pro-rated fees means you have full control over renewals and first time licenses.  Mass license renewals, comprehensive billing reports and ad-hoc statement license generation features ensure that your licensing procedures are quick, easy and timely.

Pet Licensing

With Diamond Pet Licensing you can rapidly track and maintain pet information and tags issued. The seamless integration to cash receipts lets you setup a new pet or issue a tag on the spot and quickly collect payment. Renewals, reminders and advanced reports give you full control over billing and customer management and advanced features such as dangerous pet tracking, tag book tracking, vaccination tracking and warning, and much more round out the pet license module.


Municipal Ticketing

Quickly manage any type of ticket, infraction or bylaw using the Diamond Municipal Ticketing module. Flexible user-defined setup including fee and workflow definitions and bylaw/stipulation relationships allow you to create and type of bylaw. A centralized navigation window tracks all relevant information from offender demographics, applicable fees, relevant meter/license information, court information and much more. With support for multiple payment options (including on-line payments via Diamond Virtual City Hall) and your choice of cash or accrual based accounting, Diamond Bylaw Enforcement delivers.


Diamond Permitting is a very powerful and easy to use solution for managing and tracking any type of municipal permit. Totally flexible in its design and approach, Permitting allows you to define and manage an unlimited number of permit types.  You can track an unlimited number of events and inspections, assign inspectors, add start and end dates to quickly determine which events are pending, assigned and completed. Create fee codes and special permit attributes allow you to automate fee calculations and collection for virtually any fee format and structure.