Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhy do hundreds of local governments rely on Diamond Municipal financial management solutions? The reasons are diverse. For many, it’s because the solution has years of proven and reliable performance and a long-term product roadmap. For others, they know that it meets their specific local government needs, with flexible solutions that go far beyond basic business management. It’s also because Diamond’s unique relationship with Microsoft and Dynamics GP means continual introduction of leading innovations, support of Microsoft infrastructure and unparalleled integration to Microsoft Office.

Many local governments are moving to Diamond Municipal Solutions right now because it excels at meeting business needs that are particularly relevant today, such as turning data into insight to make smarter decisions, increasing efficiency, and leading innovation.

Creates insight and make smarter decisions. From built-in reports to sophisticated data analysis and reporting tools, Diamond Municipal Solutions gives everyone in an organization access to the information most relevant to their roles using the Microsoft Office tools they know so well. This can lead to cost savings, strategic decision making, and informed, empowered people from the council chambers to the public works yard.

Increasing efficiency. Diamond Municipal Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics GP look like, and work very well with, Microsoft applications people already know and use today. Cross-training of job roles and introducing new employees to the system occurs naturally and with rapid adoption. Whether serving the public or working with co-workers, the system ease of use, smart reporting tools and rapid inquiry gives your employees the exact information and tools they need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

Leading Innovation. Whether it is Microsoft Office integration, compatibility with the latest Microsoft desktops, servers and databases or new web and cloud based computing, you can count on Diamond Municipal Solutions through our unique partnership with Microsoft to bring these innovations to local governments now and in the future.

Financial Accounting

General Ledger & Financial Reporting

To lower tax burdens and deal with increasing demand, many local governments today are focused on getting more done with less. Diamond Municipal Solutions can help you accomplish this. The system provides a rich and flexible set of integrated financial management tools that can help you automate and streamline processes. With the general ledger you can:

  • Gain both flexibility and control
  • Have fewer time-consuming, repetitive tasks
  • Create insightful financial reporting across the organization

Bank Reconciliation

Dramatically speed up your reconciliation process and eliminate manual tracking and spreadsheets through powerful and comprehensive bank reconciliation features. Manage all of your bank related activity including user-defined deposits types, cheque/EFT payments, misc. payments and adjustment and even bank-to-bank transfers all from within one single easy-to-use window. Instantly review transactions, see summary information, generate reports and drill-down if you need further detail.


No need to worry about electronic processing as you can easily handle online and electronic payments from multiple sources and have them seamlessly appear as reconciling items. Add electronic bank reconciliation to automatically reconcile transactions based on a file import from your bank.

Fixed ASset Accounting

Save time, build accuracy and easily manage your fixed assets with the Diamond Municipal Fixed Asset module. You can easily organize your assets into user-defined classes and GL accounts, calculate and book depreciation, and quickly report net book value and fixed assets schedules. Handle disposals, sales and betterments effortlessly.  A seamless integration with payables and purchasing facilitates simple setup for newly acquired assets.


Starting from a spreadsheet or other data source? Populate your capital assets into a common database using a simple Excel-based import template to quickly achieve compliance with PSAB 3150 standards.

Receivables Management & Invoicing

Quickly and easily manage your general receivable activities using the robust Invoice and Receivables Management solution from Diamond Municipal. Issue simple or complex invoices, process receipts, analyze customer activity and print or email statements for all of your customers. Receivables Management works seamlessly with all modules, such as general ledger, cash receipts, and pet and business licensing.

Project & Asset Costing

Maintain tight control over strategic projects and assets and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.  Diamond’s Project and Asset costing connects project and asset activities with company financials including payables, purchase orders, invoicing, grants collected, inventory usage, equipment usage and time entry and overhead in one comprehensive and integrated package.  Finally, there is a solution that helps ensure accurate accounting and project tracking while avoiding costly and repetitive double entry of data.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

From built-in reports for day-to-day operations to sophisticated data analysis and reporting tools, Diamond Municipal Solutions gives everyone in an organization access to the information most relevant to them. Using Microsoft Office tools everyone knows so well, you can deliver true insight leading to cost savings, strategic decision making, and informed, empowered people. From the council chambers to the public works yard, everyone has the insight they need to service citizens effectively.


Diamond brings you an arsenal of reporting and business intelligence tools including:

Diamond Home Page

With a look and feel built just like Microsoft Outlook, the Diamond home page gives you incredible “at a glance” insight into special conditions, tasks, reports, critical metrics and more. Not only do you get deep and rich insight, you can configure every detail to your role the organization, even if that role changes. Imagine having your finger on the pulse for any critical function your organization tracks – from overdue invoices to employee leave analysis, from headcounts to past due inspections, it’s all in plain sight in real time. So intuitive, Diamond is almost doing the thinking for you!

Management Reporter

Management Reporter allows you to create virtually any financial report and seamlessly distribute it across the organization in either web viewer (including touch enablement) or Microsoft Excel formats. Easy to use drill downs from high level statements to transactional level provide remarkable detail and rapid insight without the need for complex inquiries. Gain true cross department teamwork through real-time collaboration via Microsoft Lync, two-way report notes, and embedded charts and graphs.


User-defined navigation allows you to roll hundreds of departmental reports into one with super-fast drill down, drill around and comparative analysis capabilities. Add logos, charts, page breaks and conditional formatting for presentation level reports too.

SmartList Reporting Tool

Introducing SmartList – the easiest and most powerful query tool you may ever use! Use SmartList to view, drill down, export, and print the data stored in your system quickly and easily. With over 100 standard queries already built-in for you to use or modify, and the ability to add even more, you will always be in control of your data.


You can change the way the information is displayed to best suit your needs, quickly search any field, sort in any way, and then save your inquiry to use again later or share it with others. SmartList really has to be seen to be believed, it’s that incredible!

Business Analyzer

Now see today’s information and collaborate in real time. With business analyzer there is no more waiting for someone to run a report or publish it and email it to you and if you are using Microsoft Lync, you can connect to coworkers and view Business Analyzer reports together.


In short, the Business Analyzer is a windows dashboard tool that can display more than 260 KPIs and reports already included with Diamond and Microsoft Dynamics GP. This tool can be installed on any users’ computer to allow them to view their own financial news feed and drill into the report to look at the raw data and recent enhancements mean Business Analyzer is fully touch screen ready too!

SmartList & Excel Report Builder


SmartList Builder

 SmartList and Excel Builder take the easy-to-use SmartList tool in Diamond and Microsoft Dynamics GP and dramatically increase its power and range. Now you can query more data in more ways, because SmartList Builder enables you to create your own custom SmartLists and Excel reports.


View information any way you wish. Using SmartList and Excel Builder, you can quickly link data from Diamond and Microsoft Dynamics GP and analyze information according to your criteria. Hide or reveal details, sort and arrange columns, add integrated mathematical functions to create calculated fields and so much more.


No matter where your records reside, you’ll see the data in a user-friendly format that fits your needs. With user-defined “goto” buttons, you can drill down on data to associated records within other tables or even to forms and windows within the system to speed inquiry and data entry.


The Excel Builder tool allows publishing of reports to real-time excel spreadsheets for instant access anytime and from almost anywhere. Built-in Excel pivot table capabilities give you full control over data and allow you to create meaningful charts and graphs that are dynamically rendered when the spreadsheet is opened!


Payables Management

Payables Management allows you to save input time while enhancing reliability and payment security.  Create effort saving automation of routine and complex tasks and streamline vendor management so you can efficiently enter invoices, track vendor history, process payments, and analyze vendor performance. Issue immediate payments with “quick cheques” or select payments using pre-defined due dates or that maximize discounts offered. Use electronic file transfer and automated email remittance to go paperless and use safe pay (positive pay) to reduce fraud, including the daily exporting of checks for comparison by the bank when checks are presented for payment.


In addition, Diamond Municipal Solutions offers advanced paperless invoice management and approval systems that automatically create payables vouchers in the system simply by following a user-defined approval process. Also, use payables management in conjunction with purchase order processing and advanced web-based requisition systems to gain real control and audit over purchasing activities that ensure you are buying the right goods at the best price possible.

Purchase Order Processing

Extend and automate your purchasing activities with purchase order processing. Replace the time spent searching manual POs, on time-consuming vendor follow-up or double entry with automated PO reports and reminders, careful oversight of your purchases and approvals and insightful budget and encumbrance tracking and control. Use two-way or three-way matching of goods and invoices to the POs to add additional oversight and assurance that you are only paying for the goods and services you have ordered.


In addition, Diamond Municipal Solutions offers advanced paperless invoice management and approval systems that work with purchase orders to automatically create transactions in the system simply by following a user-defined approval process.

Purchase Card Processing

Too many times accounting systems hamper your purchase card activities. With Diamond’s purchasing card module this is no longer the case! Now you can harness the power of today’s corporate purchasing cards to further automate and streamline your purchasing activities, empower employees and even save you money through purchase card dividends. Diamond’s unique approach to purchasing cards automatically downloads purchasing data, calculates taxes and creates payables transactions directly to the vendors you purchased the goods from with detailed GL visibility of each transaction.

Inventory Control

Looking for a robust inventory system to manage your parts, yard materials, signs, gravel and more?  Use the Diamond inventory system to efficiently manage unlimited inventory items at multiple locations. Sophisticated item quantity tracking, flexible units of measure, linked vendor management, item replenishment levels and sophisticated stock count systems give you tremendous flexibility to manage a diverse array of inventory items.


A full set of inquiry windows and management reports help your accurately forecast inventory and future purchasing needs. Re-ordering goods is a breeze with the automated purchase order generator that will suggest items, quantities and vendors to bring your inventory up to date.