Virtual City Hall

Extend citizen engagement and services anytime, anywhere and on any device with Diamond Virtual City Hall (VCH). Only Diamond’s Virtual City Hall offers such a diverse and powerful set of features and payment options for citizens and other stakeholders to easily do business with your municipality. Diamond's latest release of Virtual City Hall 3.0 brings all the features, reliability and strengths of previous versions into a new and thoroughly modern look and feel that supports virtually any browser on any device.

Diamond’s unique approach to citizen engagement with VCH also means that only a single login is required by the citizen or stakeholder to see their accounts. Whether they have multiple accounts of a single type (such as several tax properties) or they have taxes, utilities, pets, business or more, they can see them all in a single login and window.

In addition to enhanced citizen services, Virtual City Hall offers both rapid deployment via a design that can easily be inserted into your existing website including out-of-the-box web pages, style sheets that can quickly change the look and feel of the pages and more. In addition, VCH offers a very compelling return on investment with full recovery of your initial outlay typically occurring in two to three years.



The foundation module provides the powerful architecture, security and web design elements that allow Virtual City Hall to interface directly to your data while providing a seamless website that can be experienced with virtually any browser on any device. The foundation layer also allows citizens to activate accounts and even change details such as email addresses, mailing addresses and more.

Payment Manager

Bringing more than a decade of online payment processing experience, Diamond has refined the payment manager module to accept both credit and debit card transactions in a secure Payment Card Industry (PCI) security compliant manner. The powerful configuration options allow you to select which payment options and are available for each subledger. For example, you need to allow both debit and credit cards for utility bills but only debit for property taxes; do this with one mouse click in VCH!

Property Taxes

With Diamond’s VCH for Property Taxes, any citizen or stakeholder can search for assessment values through an open roll. They can also login to view their own properties and take action on certain items. Once logged in, owners can view a full range of account details including balances, detailed assessment and transaction history and more. They can also make payments on account, sign up for pre-authorized payment plans, or change details of their current pre-authorized payment plan.

Tax Certificates

Easily allow lawyers, real estate agents and others to automatically generate tax certificates or searches on any tax property anytime and anywhere. The system uses a very easy to use “certificate wizard” that guides lawyers through the process step-by-step and uses real-time data to generate the certificate. Full history of the certificate and payment/invoice details is recorded into your Diamond system just as if you had created one yourself. Advanced features include the ability for stakeholders to find and print all historical certificates, and credit checks prior to release of certificate.

Utility Billing

With Diamond’s VCH for Utility Billing citizens and stakeholders can login to view their own utility accounts and take action on certain items. Account holders can view a full range of account details including balances, billing history with full online bill presentment, detailed transaction history and more. They can also make payments on account, sign up for pre-authorized payment plans, or change details of their current pre-authorized payment plan or even sign up for the eBilling option to receive email alerts on new bills.

Utility eBilling

Utility eBilling introduces seamless and easy to use paperless billing! When billing is completed and bills are ready to be printed, all eBills are instead diverted to where a PDF copy of the bill and a personalized email message of your choice are sent. The merge of specific billing info such customer name, address, bill amount onto each email make for a personalized experience and email attachments can be specified to go with the email just like you insert notices with your bills today. Utility eBilling also works closely with VCH for additional bill presentment and automated eBilling sign-up capabilities.

Business Licensing

The VCH Business Licensing module provides your customers and residents with the online convenience of viewing, applying for, renewing, and making a payment for business licenses. In addition, you get a real-time business directory published automatically by virtue of business license maintenance within Diamond.

Pet Licensing

The VCH Pet Licensing module allows your residents the freedom to apply for, renew, and make a payment for their pet licenses online in one convenient location. In addition, the popular pet search function allows your citizens to return lost dogs to their owners by keying in a simple tag number.


Soon to be released, the VCH receivables module allows account holders to view account and transaction details for their sundry receivables account. They can even drill into invoices and get an online invoice presentment showing all billing details. They can also make payments on account, even specifying the precise invoice(s) they wish to pay.


The VCH Permits module allows your contractors, residents and other stakeholders the freedom to apply for permits online. An easy to use wizard guides them seamlessly through the process of application and payment and allows for the upload of plans, pictures, completed forms and more. Permits that are in progress can easily be viewed by the stakeholder as well with indication of inspection dates and more.


The VCH Bylaws module allows your customers and residents the online convenience of viewing and paying their bylaw infractions from anywhere on any device.