Human Capital Management

Why do more than 150 local governments in Canada rely on Diamond Municipal payroll and human resource management solutions?  For many, it’s because the solution has years of proven and reliable performance and a long-term product roadmap. For others, they know that it meets their specific local government needs, with pension reporting, retroactive pay, union management and flexible benefits that go far beyond basic payroll management. It’s also because Diamond’s unique relationship with Microsoft and Dynamics GP means continual introduction of leading innovations, support of Microsoft infrastructure and unparalleled integration to Microsoft Office.

Many local governments are moving to Diamond Municipal Solutions human capital solutions right now because they don’t want to be burdened with a variety of financial, payroll, time entry and human resources systems. With Diamond Municipal Solutions, you can capitalize on all these functions combined with rapid reporting insight within a single powerful package.


Built from the ground up to serve the needs of local government in Canada, the Diamond payroll solution is comprehensive, configurable and the only solution fully integrated with Dynamics GP.


The reporting and business intelligence features of the solution are both rich and flexible. The payroll system comes packaged with hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and easy-to-use reporting tools provide tremendous flexibility – rapidly build insightful and meaningful dashboards and metrics in common tools people use every day such as Web browsers, Microsoft Excel and SharePoint.


Diamond has been providing payroll solutions to local government for many years and the product is feature rich with things like:

  • Ability to work with any number of time and attendance and data collection systems

  • Unlimited pay codes, rate tables, calculation variables and more

  • Unlimited unions, multiple employer (business) numbers, pay periods and earning methods

  • Unlimited time bank entitlements and accruals

  • Create automated expense and entitlement accruals

  • Seamlessly upload EFT files to your bank, including multi-bank per employee

  • Submit completed T4’s and ROE's electronically and directly to HRSDC

  • Proven integration to job costing systems including Diamond project costing and Worktech

  • Full pension reporting and tracking with automated upload of OMERS and LAPP

  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and simple reporting tools for rapid report development

  • Automated integration to Accounts Payable

  • Retroactive calculations back unlimited years

Payroll Extensions

Retroactive Pay

The Diamond retroactive pay extension allows you to quickly and conveniently calculate retroactive pay for any employee, any pay code combination and for any date range and go as far back as you like. A single and easy-to-use window allows you to:

  • Select a single employee or any employee group such as a class, union or other group
  • Base the retro pay calculation on either a percentage or rate per unit to select any date range you wish
  • Calculate, view, edit and report on results
  • Transfer the retroactive pay to whichever payroll batch you wish

Pension Reporting

The Diamond pension reporting extension allows you to quickly and easily manage your provincial pension plans.  It also makes year-end functions like electronic file submission and pension adjustment calculations a breeze.  The fully configurable system takes only minutes to setup yet gives you powerful and flexible calculation options.  No matter how complex your payroll, the pension module can accommodate and if you make a mistake, the system can easily re-total and correct on the fly!  Built-in support for OMERS and LAPP electronic filing and pension adjustments mean year-end functions are processed swiftly and with 100% accuracy.


The Diamond eAdvice extension brings the power of email to your payroll advice slip distribution. By simple linking of an email address to an employee record, automate the distribution of PDF-based advice slips. Advanced features include:

  • Automated filing of individual PDF advice slips organized as you see fit
  • Individual password protection of the PDF advice slip for extra security
  • Full historical inquiry of advice slips for any pay period and year with full reprint/resend
  • Easy to use print or send capability – easy mix and match of printed and emailed advice slips if that is required.

Human Resources

Fully integrated to payroll and exceptionally easy-to-use, the Diamond Human Resources solution is both cost effective and powerful.  With Diamond Human Resources, you have the tools you need to make the most of your organization’s greatest assets - its employees.


Manage employee information effectively including:

  • Dependent, education and user-defined data

  • Discipline and Grievance events with detailed tracking

  • Orientation and Termination checklists and action items

  • Injury and illness event tracking for both WCB and non-WCB incidents

  • Employee performance and reviews tracking

  • Corporate property tacking – phones, laptops, keys, cards, etc.

  • Skills and certification tracking

  • Training, classrooms and course tracking and maintenance

  • Position control and organizational charts


The HR module also has a full position requisition and applicant tracking component allowing you to effectively manage corporate recruitment and hiring and the one click hire process automatically moves the applicant into HR and payroll. Store applicant information such as:

  • Education and user defined data

  • Skills inventory

  • References and work history

  • Interviews and tests

  • Offers